Users can search the ACI Scholarly Blog Index to find authoritative content from blogs in all academic disciplines. Follow the steps below to perform a search in ACI.

Step 1: Enter your search term or phrase into the search field on the home page.

You can search or browse ACI to find blogs by keyword or phrase, blog title, blog author, Library of Congress classification, institutional affiliation, and more.

Step 2: Use the facet filtering options on the left to further refine your search results.

Click on any facet selection to narrow your results to those fitting that specific facet. To remove the filter, just click again on that facet selection to return to your previous results. In the example below, the Library of Congress Classification facet of History was applied in order to limit results to blogs with history as a primary subject.

Step 3: If desired, select a sort option to organize your results by Date, Popularity, or Relevance.

Search results are organized by relevancy by default, but you can change how your results are organized by clicking on your preferred Sort By option in the upper-left corner. In the example below, the Sort By Date option was applied to sort the results by the most recently-published posts.

Step 4: Click on a blog post title in your research results list to view more information on that post.

Every blog post has its own individual page in ACI that provides detailed information on the post, the author(s), related metadata, and more.